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Gupta TeamDeveloper aka SQLWindows or 'Centura' ,  is well renowned for its open native connectivity.

By native , we mean the ability to connect and I/O with any foreign data source. without 3rd party or middle layer such as ODBC.

TeamDeveloper ships with its own routers that allow direct communication with the likes of Oracle , Informix , SQLServer, Sybase etc. even DB2 .

As well as connectivity, TeamDeveloper runs on a variety of Operating Systems - not just Windows.

As such , a comprehensive Compatibility Matrix is maintained to display the certified Operating Systems and Datasources that TeamDeveloper is recommended be combined with. That is not to say an alternate version will not run, but simply demonstrates the recommended and certified compatibilities.

See the latest Compatibility Matrix here:  http://samples.tdcommunity.net/samples/Misc/WhitePapers_Docs/OpenText_Gupta_Team_Developer_Compatibility_Matrix.pdf


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