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The age old question posed by many of our friends running pre-64bit Gupta TeamDeveloper or even Centura software.

Prior to version 7, systems developed using Gupta TeamDeveloper are still considered very worthy or course, but maybe in need of an update (we call it modernization), or in some opinions, a complete re-write in an alternate environment.

To me the answer is obvious and nothing speaks truer than true life experiences. And believe me, I have had my share of both options.

Using like-for-like scenarios, and being completely unbiased of course, upgrading to a newer version of TeamDeveloper is by far and away the most cost-effective, risk-averse, rewarding, time-effective, and positive return on investment there is.

Be very wary of the many sites advertising quick and easy auto-code-conversion to C# or Java or whatever. In my experience, the reality is you will end up with a budget blow-out, a code base that is written by a machine (with lots and lots of ongoing manual interventions), and difficult to understand, let alone maintain. And we’d best no talk about the insurmountable bugs that suddenly become a feature, when help is suddenly a very distant promise.

Upgrading (modernizing) your existing Gupta / Centura code base and run-time environment to version 7.1 upwards, assures Investment protection with:

• No unknowns – Budget, Timescale, issues and workarounds are all fixed and definable

• Beautiful new look and feel using new native or custom themes

• Applications that remain responsive during large processing tasks using multithreading.

• Source code management using repositories like Git, SubVersion and Team Foundation Server directly from within the IDE

• Applications can optionally be .NET WPF Desktop apps that interact well with the .NET framework.

• The same source code used for .NET WPF Desktop apps, can be used to build and deploy .NET WPF Browser apps.

• Optional native 32bit or 64bit based desktop applications.

• Provide your business logic via Web Services to enable your customers to integrate your solution into their software infrastructure

• Ready for Microsoft® Windows® 10 and Windows® Server 2016


Opinions expressed are those of the author only, and based on 28 years real-life Gupta experiences:

2x manual re-writes TD3.1 C#.Net  angryno

1x auto-code conversion  TD3.1 C#  cryingno

5x manual upgrades TD1.5 TD6.2  ♦ TD2.1 TD6.2  ♦  TD3.1 TD6.3  ♦  TD2.1 TD6.3  ♦  TD6.2 TD7.1 laughyes

Posted by Steve Leighton Saturday, November 3, 2018 3:05:00 AM Categories: Australia Centura Developers Development Gupta New Zealand SQLWindows Team Developer TeamDeveloper TeamDeveloper .Net