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SQL Windows was among a raft of new high level languages to emerge on the scene in the early to mid 1990s.  In a short space of time organisations found themselves able to rapidly develop client-server software running under Windows.  SQL Windows wasn't the only option, with notable competition from Microsoft's own Visual Basic, Borland's Delphi and others.  But SQL Windows developed a reputation amongst purist developers as a solid product that allowed properly architected software to be developed quicker than ever before.team developer 6.3

Twenty years on, organisations across the globe collectively own a large number of mature and stable systems developed in SQL Windows.  These systems typically represent a significant investment on the part of their owners who still see a return on that investment today.  As with all live systems, proper maintenance and dependable support are very important. 

The world has changed a lot since the 1990s and it's a fact that there are fewer SQL Windows developers available with the background, skills and continuing engagement with the toolset.  Organisations looking for support and development of their Gupta SQL Windows systems have come to rely on our services to ensure their investment continues to deliver. 

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