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Gupta Technologies SQLBase is well renowned for effectively reducing development, deployment and maintenance costs of business applications. The ultra-low TCO of SQLBase ensures that those in charge of the purse-strings can maximize their ROI on business database applications.

SQLBase is known for its DBA-less, ‘set and forget’ like operations that reduce database administration almost to zero. This is an important feature for vertical solutions, as it decreases the cost associated with end-user support as well as making it more cost-effective for large end-user deployments. Of course DBA free does not imply anything less than 24 x 7 reliability.

SQLBase v12 promises to be a whole new box of magic. The clue is in the name.  v12 power , v12 performance with the 2stroke cost of ownership we now take for granted.

So the word is, that an already perfect small footprint – big access reputation is set to provide even better….

  • Multi-Threading multi-tasking with multi-processors
  • Distributed dB Processing  – location transparency , local autonomy
  • Native 64bit Server
  • Accessible from 32-bit and 64-bit clients Windows  or Linux
  • Automatic database file conversion between 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Unlimited dB size
  • AES 256-bit key length  Encryption as standard on both the dB and Log files
  • Fully managed .NET provider
    • Automatically supports 32-bit and 64-bit applications
    • Supports SSL and Network Authentication on Windows or Linux
  • Visual Studio Data Extensibility (DDEX) provider
    • Integrates SQLBase with Visual Studio
    • The SQLBase DDEX driver for Visual Studio allows Visual Studio’s Server Explorer to manipulate and view SQLBase database objects and data. And you get tight integration of SQLBase data sources with Visual Studio GUI objects like the data grid view.
      Gupta SQLBase
    • Use Visual Studio’s Server Explorer to create, modify and drop SQLBase tables. You can also  write, modify and drop SQLBase Stored Procedures, examine SQLBase table data and to create database queries and  use Visual Studio’s GUI objects like the data grid view and link them to SQLBase data sources without coding using data sets.
  • Embedded deployment pack
    • Easy to create install and merge images for both clients and servers
    • New license file is included in server install

Anyway – we will see.  In the meantime I have a 100Gb SQLBase dB to  err….umm… well… just do nothing much with really, other than a standard annual unload/reload.  After a suitable backup of course .

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